Welcome to

Gmelich + Söhne GmbH

Due to the holiday on Tuesday, 01 November 2022 (All Saints' Day) our company will be closed on this day, as well as on Monday, October 31st.

 From November 02nd we are back for you.

Visits at our company

Due to the corona pandemic, we must tighten our protective measures and ask you to refrain from visiting our company. 
Please use the e-mail and telephone channels for orders and inquiries.
If a personal visit to our plant is necessary, please arrange this with your contact person in advance.
Thank you very much for your understanding!

ANIMAL WELFARE and ANIMAL PROTECTION is very important to us.

We at Gmelich are existentially dependent on animal protection and animal welfare! Only healthy and well-treated animals provide hides and skins that our customers would like to see processed as leather on their sofa, as shoes or as a jacket. It is precisely this good quality of raw materials (i.e., hides with fewer injuries, insect damage, etc.) that enables us to manufacture premium Gmelich leather and to differentiate ourselves from mass-produced overseas goods. 

For this reason alone, careful and gentle handling of the animals is extremely important to us.